Mobile Proliferation: Go mobile or die…

Mobile Proliferation

Tablet shipments are outpacing PC shipments. Many people are counting on their mobile device as their primary computer. In a recent study the proliferation of mobile is listed as one of the top trends that will impact competitiveness.


In a new study from the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), more than 400 business executives identified five top trends that will impact the competitiveness of their enterprises in the next five years:
Proliferation of mobile devices
Explosion of unstructured data
The need to collaborate across value chains
Cloud platforms
Intelligent/connected devices.

The majority of these business leaders indicated that software development and delivery capability is critical to being able to exploit these technology trends for competitive advantage. But remarkably, only 25 percent felt that their teams leveraged it effectively today. This "execution gap" — the difference between the need to deliver software effectively and the ability to do so — is causing missed business opportunities for the vast majority of companies surveyed.

Your business will lose market share to your competitors if you are not ready to provide access to mobile devices. It is important for your business to develop a comprehensive mobile strategy.

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