Software to get your best marketing ROI

There is a lot of competition for your hard fought marketing budget. It stands to reason if you want more sales you need to increase your marketing. How do you get the most from your expenditure. How do you enhance your marketing ROI?

It is obvious to most that social media can be a great avenue for social networking. How do you get the most out of using social networking or an aggregator. There are many great services for social aggregation including:

  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Netvibes
  • Yoono

There are a lot of bells and whistles, analytics, and hidden monthly expenses. If you are just starting or planning your social strategies, using one of these tools can be an expensive way to get started. We have found that you can create an extremely effective social strategy using the worlds most popular blog - WordPress.

WordPress allows many members on your team to work together and contribute to content. Through appropriate WordPress customization, the content can be aggregated and distributed to social networks. WordPress can be a central hub that content can easily be managed, maintained and edited as a part of a comprehensive strategy. Multiple user roles can provide the right kind of security and privacy to utilize multiple experts and contributors at various levels within and outside of your organization.

Serveon's WordPress customizations can be architected to your specifications or you can choose one of our discounted packages that can include:

  • E-Commerce for Products and Services
  • Free or Paid Subscription Memberships with “Members-Only” content and media
  • Integrated Forms and Automated Workflow
  • Responsive Mobile Phone and Tablet Interfaces
  • Social Media Integration

Don’t create an online brochure put the internet to work for you. Allow us to provide a turnkey WordPress Solution.

Turnkey WP Solutions

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