Is your mobile strategy correct? Willing to bet on it?


Is your business betting on your mobile strategy?


You will lose your current market share, if you don't make the right decisions on your mobile strategy. In a study done by IBM, mobile was listed as one of the top disruptive technologies to impact competitiveness.  Having or planning a mobile application, web site, native or hybrid app does not guarantee the advantages over your competition. The update of mobile content and mobile available digital assets is much more important today than just a few years ago.


Which Mobile Development Technology?

Mobile website, in client HTML5, Hybrid, or Native app is a part of the strategic decisions. With more dynamic changes required, what technology should be the predominant for mobile development for your company. Here is an overview of the principle mobile technologies:

Mobile websites are web applications that utilize web technologies like ASP.NET, JAVA, C#, Ruby, etc. that ultimately produce HTML. This website is focused on one or more mobile form- factors and use browser size or device detection to produce an application or content to fit in a mobile browser.

Native apps are built using the development tools and languages (XCode and Objective C for iOS apps, Eclipse, Android Studio and Java for Android, Visual Studio and C# for Windows) that the respective platforms support and so run only on their targeted platforms.

HTML5 apps are cross-platform mobile applications that run on multiple devices since they mostly run on browsers. Developers can write complex apps using standard web technologies HTML5, Javascript and CSS.

Hybrid apps are the applications that are developed using HTML5, javascript and css, but run with in webview container on the devices and so the applications are packaged natively and so has access to native API’s of the OS also.

Like in all technology battles, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The development strategy direction is one of the many decisions that need to be made for enterprise, customer oriented B2C and B2B applications. You can not rely on articles, research or statements made by experts last year. These technologies, frameworks and tools are changing consistently. The performance of applications versus the productivity of development and the cost of one strategy over another needs to be evaluated by experts for a particular business solution. Don't just accept the axiom that native apps are faster. Many considerations must be factored in when developing a mobile strategy. There are risk when looking to simply offshore outsource or giving your internal team a "learning experience."

Serveon developed a mobile application called SABI (Serveon Advanced Business Intelligence) 10 years ago. The advantage of being an early adopter is profiting from successes and learning from mistakes that you don't have to pay for. Our consulting team can help your organization develop a cohesive mobile strategy and roadmap with validated experience and guaranteed strategies. Your project may qualify for a free virtual consulting session with our experts. Simply click on the button on the bottom of this article to take advantage of this extraordinary offer. From the comfort of your desk, get the perfect strategy that will provide a high Return on Investment. Talk to an expert and don't just rely on dated information. Our virtual consulting session will take advantage of active mobile architects, experienced mobile consultants, trained mobile testers and project managers that are working on mobile projects every day. Get an accurate appraisal on what you need to do to be successful whether you use our services or not.


A great mobile strategy doesn't have to be completely created from the ground up. Utilize the following techniques to mitigate risk, increase value, and reduce the time required leapfrog your competition and move your mobile strategy forward:

  • Established mobile frameworks
  • Mobile libraries and code-bases
  • Licensing Intellectual Property used in existing products
  • Proven test environment and tools &
  • Time tested strategies, including a turnkey solution - CatiLogic

CatiLogic is Serveon's turn key mobile solution. Jump start your mobile strategy!


  • Tablet and Phone
  • Digital Media Asset Manager (Integrate with current databases)
  • Distribute directly to customers
  • Powerful Sales Rep Tool
  • Connect and Share Customized Content to Customers
  • Easily update products, services and media


Go Mobile Now

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