Case Studies

  • BizCloudz – Secure, Scaleable, Cloud Hosting

    BizCloudz – Secure, Scaleable, Clo

    BizCloudz’s Managed Cloud Hosting Services (MCS) provides enterprise on-demand scalable provisioning of IT services & applications ...

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  • Catilogic (Agile Mobile Development) – Go mobile now!

    Catilogic (Agile Mobile Development) 

    Catilogic is a mobile tool and connected CMS innovatively designed to mobilize complex, dynamic digital databases with associated media...

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  • Helping Farmers Produce More with Mobile Applications

    Helping Farmers Produce More with Mobile

    Serveon has developed mobile applications for over 5 years. We helped farmers to be more productive with high tech mobile...

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  • Podio vs Salesforce

    Podio vs Salesforce

    See how your business can possibly save time and money by having Serveon design a CRM/ workflow solution around Podio...

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  • An Introduction into the world of BizNetz-Serveon Technology Solutions

    An Introduction into the world of BizNet

    A short introducing the benefits of choosing BizNetz-Serveon Technology Solutions, to solve business problems...

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  • Advanced WordPress Customization

    Advanced WordPress Customization

    WordPress is the worlds most popular and easy to manage CMS/Blog. We will create a professionally designed amazing site that...

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  • Work can be a Circus – social workflow can help

    Work can be a Circus – social work

    Discover how Cirque Du Soueil uses Podio and the power of social productivity to run a dynamic organization with multiple...

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  • Enhance productivity and improve profitability

    Enhance productivity and improve profita

    Add to the bottom line by getting more work done. Serveon can provide an expert team to utilize time-tested, validated...

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  • BiziPay


    BiziPay is a great business solution for several types of businesses. BiziPay provides membership-commerce ...

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  • Podio Large Team Integration

    Podio Large Team Integration

    How Time Warner Cable (TWC) used Podio to keep their web team on track. BizNetz-Serveon can help your team with...

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  • Access or Excel to the Cloud

    Access or Excel to the Cloud

    Google - "Access Crashes" and you get over 200,000 results. Try – "Excel Security Risk" and you get over 700,000...

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  • Custom Software Developed for Fortune 500 Bank

    Custom Software Developed for Fortune 50

    BizNetz-Serveon helped to pioneer Check Image Processing for regional and national ...

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