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Amazing Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Check out these amazing, memorable Olympic Openings. Let’s see how RIO will stack up. The Production of London, the Spectacle of Beijing, the emotions of Atlanta and the Magic of Barcelona. A great opening is important for any business. Business cards and static brochures have been obsoleted by our new product – CatiLogic Express. This presentation...
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A conversation with Biz Stone – Twitter Founder

Co-founder of BizNetz met co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone at #HPUMeetsBiz . Here are 5 things I learned or confirmed:

  1. Any entrepreneurial endeavor requires an emotional investment where you have an almost hallucinogenic optimism.
  2. To succeed spectacularly you must be willing to fail spectacularly.
  3. Many years of trying and one year of blessing (He said good fortune) can make you look like an overnight success.
  4. Opportunity can be manufactured. Create the circumstance in which you can succeed. Biz's example was - he wanted to play sports in high school but wasn't good at any of the organized sports offered. So he asked the school if he could create a La Crosse team. He did and became the schools first La Crosse team captain.
  5. Volunteering and donations are not only good, they are good for business. From that statement I coined the following acronym: PSaaMe - Public Service as a Marketing Effort.

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In-bound Marketing Strategy

Technology today is moving faster than ever. A Marketing strategy that has emerged to help promote these new technologies is In-Bound Marketing. The difference between In-Bound Marketing and Out-Bound Marketing. In-Bound Marketing promotes the use of more recent technologies like search engines, social media, and other mobile technologies that get consumers...
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