Access or Excel to the Cloud

Google - "Access Crashes" and you get over 200,000 results. Try – "Excel Security Risk" and you get over 700,000 results. MS Access and Excel are great desktop programs. They can be a part of a comprehensive solution. However, if you are using them for multi-user or distributed users business application, you are at risk. We can provide a rapidly developed, secure, multi-user, web or cloud enabled solution that allows you to concentrate on your business goals not worry about losing data. Our Access or Excel solution uses the latest web and cloud technologies with intuitive user interfaces developed by experts. Use our export to Excel solutions to give the appropriate users flexibility and agility. Include web-based visual analytics to provide the data you need available at a glance. Interactive dashboards will allow managers to easily make business decisions established on information stored in the web or cloud-based application. Keep all the advantages of your desktop applications with greater capacity and flexibility. Move from security risk to business intelligence – Access and Excel to Web/Cloud!

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