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Mobile is one of the most disruptive and important technologies for your organization. Your company's success may depend on the decisions you make on mobile and how fast you can get mobile solutions implemented. We can help!

Catilogic is a mobile tool and connected CMS innovatively designed to mobilize complex, dynamic digital databases with associated media and content to a logical, simple, powerful mobile tablet interface for use by sales reps, consumers and as a kiosk.

This dynamic tablet and phone mobile application is a replacement for current paper and web-based catalogs. It Is a generalized, special purpose iPad Application and Associated Cloud-based Management System used to efficiently present, search, personalize and share complexed products and solutions to a large geographically and temporally displaced, diverse audience, quickly with a high return on investment in an easy-to-use way.

Mobile CMS and Distributed Full Function Catalog application. Manage your complex catalog database and all of the related digital media assets. Jump start your mobile development.

What Catilogic provides to:

  • End-User/Customer: Provides optimized efficiency for an individual, all catalogs with my preferences in one place.
  • Business: Distribute and manage product information with associated media and content.
  • Sales rep: Customize presentation by client to streamline the purchase process. Update clients, get feedback to optimize and personalize marketing and sales.

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