Custom Software Developed for Fortune 500 Bank

BizNetz-Serveon helped to pioneer Check Image Processing for regional and national banks. We were involved in the early leading-edge technology for online banking. We wrote graphics software to enhance the storage of check images and display those images in real time. Viewing the actual checks online was not always a part of online banking. BizNetz was hired to design graphics software and transactional software that automated the storage and viewing of check images. Two of the problems we help overcome was the large number of image transactions as well as the security of displaying these images online. BizNetz was involved with every part of the project lifecycle from architecture and design (software, hardware & systems) to software development and testing. Our agile methodology helped to get the project done on-time and under budget. BizNetz resources trained development and support resources at the bank to maintain, support and extend these capabilities. So the next time you are checking your account online, remember you can bank on BizNetz-Serveon to to get your custom software development right.

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