Helping Farmers Produce More with Mobile Applications

Serveon has worked in the Agriculture and Agribusiness industry for over 10 years. We have helped farmers and agriculture workers modernize. It is hard to take a laptop into the field. However, mobile opened up new worlds in agriculture. Serveon has developed mobile applications to provide weather information, product details, label information, pest information, tank mix, and more. These missions critical mobile apps, mobile websites, APIs, and communication tools help provide the agriculture industry get more work done on the go. Serveon's expertise in actual mobile tools that have been at work in the field for many years can give you the confidence to know that your custom mobile application can be a reality.

Tell us more about your requirements for a mobile native, hybrid, or responsive web application and we can help you get it done faster at a lower cost. Serveon can help mitigate the risk of a failed mobile strategy. Click below to tell us about your specific requirements and we can give you an estimate on a custom mobile project or turnkey solution.

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