Podio vs Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful solution but will it give you the Return on Investment (ROI) that you are looking for. See how your business can possibly save time and money by having Serveon design a CRM / workflow solution around Podio. Podio uses concepts from social networking to make your team more productive. Using desktop and mobile application provide better results.

Educational Services of America (ESA) is the leading provider of alternative and special education schools in the US. Partnering with more than 230 public school districts in 21 states to serve 12,000 students each year. ESA have long been using Citrix technology to deliver learning resources to their students, and after discovering Podio they’ve revolutionized the way they run their organization.

It all started with ESA’s CIO, Alan Watson, giving his business analyst, Anthony Stefani, two weeks to look into Podio and see if it could be a viable alternative to the online learning management system they were developing on SharePoint. Three days later Anthony return having built 90 percent of what they were hoping to achieve with SharePoint using Podio Apps. Tough decisions ensued (ESA had already spent $200,000 on their SharePoint project) which resulted in SharePoint being dropped in favour of Podio.

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