CEO and CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer at BizNetz-Serveon, Inc. Joe is a technology visionary and Chief Software Architect. BizNetz-Serveon has been developing specialized software for over 20 years. BizNetz-Serveon were pioneers in web-based and mobile applications and technology. BizNetz-Serveon is the fastest path from “Inspiration to Installation.” Joe is an award winning Systems Architect. Joe heads BizNetz' consulting, Serveon application development and BizCloudz cloud-based application and hosting divisions. Joe was the key visionary and developer of BizNetz' revolutionary intellectual properties and methodologies. BizNetz/Serveon's management and client services system is called "The Hero Approach." The Hero Approach coincides with one of Joe's core values and validated scientific evidence. Joe believes that everyone is a Hero at something and essential to a great life is discovering your true powers.

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